The Space Pot by Cecília Vizvári and Flávió Vizvári 

by Cecília Vizvári, Flávió Vizvári
Series: Tales from Outer Space
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Alt="the space pot"The Space Pot (Tales from outer space Book 1) written and illustrated by Cecília Vizvári and Flávió Vizvári 

The Space Pot

In the first part of the series, you can get to know the pot, who is very dissatisfied with his fate. He became bored with his life being about nothing but cooking soup and jam, so he decided to become an astronaut: he will fly between planets and stars. Do you think his dream has been fulfilled?

Book review:

The Space Pot is an inspirational, exciting and fun story that children will be captivated and entertained by. They will love the pot and relate to is sense of boredom, being bullied and his desire for a more adventurous life in space.

This beautifully narrated, illustrated and meaningful children’s book is about a pot that was bored cooking soup and jam. He wanted more — to be an astronaut. When the spider found out, he laughed and laughed. From then on, he determined not to tell anyone his dream of becoming a space pot. At night when it was quiet, he’d sneak up to the kitchen window and gaze longingly at the skies.  He wanted to be between planets and stars and outer space. While cooking broth he hopped down off the stove and went outside. He’d had enough….

While dreaming of faraway places, he felt a tilt and realized he was spinning into outer space. At first fearful, he all of a sudden became happy in space; but when the space dwellers saw him, they were surprised and laughed at the pot filled with broth in outer space. He cried when he realized that he didn’t fit in. Then he saw Saturn who looked sad too. When he asked what’s wrong, Saturn told him, and Space Pot decided to help him find his rings. Would he succeed? And, would the outer space planets and stars quit laughing at him?

The authors, Cecília Vizvári and Flávió Vizvári will capture your child’s imagination and attention quickly as they move through the marvelous tale with animated detail and thoughtful care – all the way to the pleasing conclusion. After reading this to your young child, there is ample opportunity to have a loving discussion with them concerning their own dreams, emotions, problems and the possibility of bullying.

The Space Pot is an adventurous, inspiring and delightful read for every young child. It is a memorable, expressive and charming story which children will certainly love, be joyful and entertained by. The Space Pot (Tales from outer space Book 1) written and illustrated by Cecília Vizvári and Flávió Vizvári comes highly recommended to children ages 4 – 11  by Kids Lit Book Café. Book reviewed by Sophie Aloutte for Kids Lit Book Cafe.

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 About Cecília Vizvári

Cecília began writing stories and tales when her children were born. As the number of her children grew, the number of tales increased as well. The children discovered that it was great fun to invent new stories and tales, thus her older kids write and illustrate tales. Cecília’s smaller children only test stories. Since their name is Watercastle in English, they publish their tales under the name Watercastle Tale Works. The parents live with their five kids in Hungary.

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