A Peculiar Royal by Alonna Williams

A Peculiar Royal by Alonna Williams
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The time has come for King Dorian Lockridge to find an heir for the country of Odsia; after the murder of his son, daughter-in-law and grandson fifteen years ago, he knew that sooner or later he’d need to find someone worthy to take the throne…

Spending fifteen years on the streets, doing whatever it took to make sure he and his friends survived from day to day, hasn’t been easy for Tristan.

Having never found remains of his grandson, doubt of his demise lingers in Dorian’s heart; until one day, he finally makes a proclamation, searching for the orphaned Prince of Odsia.

When Tristan discovers the truth about himself, his whole world changes.

How will he adjust to royal living after such a difficult upbringing? And who was behind the murder of his parents so long ago?”

Book review:

A Peculiar Royal by Alonna Williams offers an intriguing middle-grade fantasy chronicle of a young man’s astonishing realization of his true identity. This is truly a spellbinding novel which will captivate young readers from start to finish.

The third-person perspective in which the story is told allows characters and settings to be explored in depth. Williams creates an imaginable kingdom in which some subjects languish in deprivation while others enjoy the benefits the kingdom of Odsia has to offer. Among those living in impoverishment is Tristan, a shy but intelligent seventeen-year-old making a living from stealing on the streets of Iscarius. Conflict within the ruling class is a significant theme in the novel. Anxious because his successor could be Marcellus, the power-hungry Duke of Arlington, King Dorian embarks on an emotional undertaking of looking for his long-lost grandson. After the merciless murder of his son and daughter-in-law fifteen years earlier, the king can only hope that his grandson is alive and will be found by his men.

Readers will find the charming, authentic Tristan appealing as the main character. After years of living on the streets, Tristan struggles to settle into his new role. He will encounter mockery, opposition, and even betrayal but he will also gain family, love, respect, and a destiny. Tristan’s endearing relationship with the beautiful, wise Princess Aliona is set back by mistrust. His journey of overcoming his fears, developing his confidence, and relying on his instinct despite his trusting nature is inspiring.

A Peculiar Royal by Alonna Williams is a fascinating and compelling historical fantasy novel that young readers will love. They will also resonate with its life lessons of self-discovery. The descriptive writing style, incredible characters and enthralling storyline makes A Peculiar Royal by Alonna Williams a must read novel and highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for KLBC Books, Reviews and Author News.

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