Snowman Paul and Kate’s Olympic Dream by Yossi Lapid

Snowman Paul and Kate’s Olympic Dream by Yossi Lapid

Kate dreams of skating at the Winter Olympics, and Snowman Paul and Dan are determined to help her reach her dream. Does Kate have what it takes to shine at the Winter Games? This book teaches your kids the valuable life lessons of perseverance, teamwork and being true to yourself.

“Wow!” cried out Paul as he watched Kate,

“You surely do know how to skate!”

“Do I?” asked Kate with a big grin –

“Paul, can you teach me how to win?”

“Oh yes!” said Paul “A tip or two,

Will make a winner out of you!…

Fast paced and stunningly illustrated with 42 full-page watercolors, this book is perfect for cold winter days and warm summer times. Children and parents alike will enjoy this fun rhyming story. It is a great bedtime story, and it is ideal for beginner readers. It makes a beautiful gift, and it will show you how much fun winter can be if you embrace your imagination.

Are you ready to experience the Olympic thrill?


Kate is practicing her ice skating moves when Snowman Paul notices how good she really is, and he tells her so. Kate asks Snowman Paul if he would please help her to train for the Winter Olympics.

Paul happily agrees and he asks his friend Dan to help out too. Dan reluctantly agrees after Snowman Paul tells Dan that he will help him with his chess game after they help Kate.

So, they work together as a team to help Kate achieve her Olympic dream. She works on her jumps, she works on her speed, but she thinks that she isn’t good enough and wants to quit. Snowman Paul and Dan tell her that she can do it, and they encourage her to follow through with her dream. At the Olympics Kate did a splendid job. Snowman Paul was proud of Kate and told her that she did well because she followed through with her Olympic Dream. He told her that she scored a big success by achieving her goal. Then, they happily helped Dan improve on his chess game.

I am speechless when it comes to the Snowman Paul series by Yossi Lapid. They are filled with such wonderful lessons, for young children ages 3-8, to learn. There are many morals and lessons for children to learn from the Snowman Paul series.

In Snowman Paul and Kate’s Olympic Dream the lesson is about not giving up, finishing what you start and following through. Kate followed through with her Olympic dream and Snowman Paul followed through with training Kate and then helping Dan to improve on his chess game.

It also teaches children the importance of being a good friend to one another. The hard work that Kate put into her training and the help that Paul and Dan gave her shows that hard work is what it takes to be successful.

Yossi Lapid has created a fast paced story with just enough words to hold young children and young reader’s attention. The fanciful illustrations done by Joanna Pasek are beautiful and delightful. I love the color combinations and the softness of the pictures. The rather large characters are perfect for young children, as they are a visual delight.

I have been reading the Snowman Paul series by Yossi Lapid to my granddaughters and they love each one of them. Each time I bring a new one over to read to them, they squeal with delight and clap their hands.

With the valuable lessons, the whimsical illustrations and the fast paced easy to read story, the Snowman Paul series is a real winner. They are a real cut above the rest.

Snowman Paul and Kate’s Olympic Dream by Yossi Lapid is one of my favorites in the series. However, all the books in the series are exceptional. Pick up a copy and read it to the children in your life. They will be delighted and ask for more.

A big 5 stars for Snowman Paul and Kate’s Olympic Dream by Yossi Lapid.

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