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Kids Lit Book Cafe is passionate about children’s books and the reading experience for children of all ages. Our goal is to provide parents and readers with the very best hand picked fiction books written by remarkable and talented authors who have over-the-top captivating imaginations, outstanding writing abilities and unique stories to tell.

We love kids books that have quality illustrations which will help to enhance the child’s imagination, curiosity and ability to relate to the story being told.

We also look for and recommend excellent nonfiction books that will children readers with a great read which they can be inspired by, surprised by and learn many things from – whatever parents and children are looking for, we strive to find those quality books and recommend here on KLBC. We also have nonfiction books for parents, like self-help books that give knowledge and guidance on parenting, and activities for children are also some of our favorites.

Authors, please read on….

Kids Lit Book Cafe writes professional captivating book reviews that will make your children’s book shine and stand out from the rest. Our up to date and fresh marketing strategies are designed to reach your goal of increased book sales, author awareness and high online visibility. Our expert qualified marketing team executes highly effective “targeted” book marketing campaigns saturating you and your book across the internet to parents, children and readers worldwide.

Each article we write featuring and marketing you and your book with a purchase link attached will be posted and published on numerous prominent children’s and regular book related websites, news and magazine sites, book clubs, groups and forums.  Each post will be a permanent publication, which means that it will always be available for readers to easily find, read and buy your book, now and in the future.

With so many Indie and accomplished writers out there, how do you make yourself present online and get your book out there? It can be a very nerve wracking and frustrating endeavor.

Creating an online presence and connecting with parents, children, teens and readers on a more personal level, is a horrendous mountain to climb. In order to sell a ton of books, gain followers and “connect” with your readers worldwide, you must get online and work it. You must be everywhere across the internet, and that takes time, effort and the know how. And who has the time (or knowledge) to tackle that monster?

Kids Lit Book Cafe will do it for you. We have multiple online connections, and sister sites. We have several social media accounts with numerous followers. We have a huge email list of subscribers in which we will send out a powerful email blast featuring your book with a purchase link included (and you and your book will be the only one featured in our email campaign). We are contributing writers for several major book news and media magazines, featured popular book sites with high traffic, book libraries, book clubs, forums and prominent book promotion websites where we will effectively market your book on. We will post your book cover, synopsis and our review on all of these numerous online magazines and book related sites that we are contributing and guest writers for.

Kids Lit Book Cafe website visitors and email subscriber list consists of numerous parents and readers eagerly seeking and ready to purchase books for their kids, publishers, agents, librarians, booksellers, film producers, authors and industry professionals.

Our goal is to boost your book sales, and to connect you with parents and their children readers and the book community. We strive to help you become more well known and get your name out there as a fine published children’s book author and help you become more visible online in as many places as possible and worldwide.

When we set out to create an outstanding online presence for our authors, we get the job done right and effectively.

We do it right. No wasted time or effort. We know exactly where to go and whom to connect with.

What is your goal? To sell more books and get your name out there in the public eye, right? To get your work in the hands of children of all ages and readers worldwide.

In order to sell more books and get your author name out there and highly visible, you not only need talent, but you also need to be saturating the internet with your presence and your books need to be put right in front of your prospective avid readers.

Get in touch with Kids Lit Book Cafe and we will do the hard work of getting you known and selling your books.

The rest will be up to you. You can concentrate on writing those enchanting, fun and educational books for children.

We review and promote books for children of all ages. We work with established and newly published authors, as well, as self published authors.

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We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you with the success of your books.

The team at Kids Lit Book Cafe is powered by a qualified, experienced team of professional writers and  book reviewers, educated expert book marketers, author awareness advertisers and recognition consultants, active social media promotion specialists and advisers, and skilled computer techs.