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                                                         BOOK REVIEW POLICY

Book Review Policy – Kids Lit Book Café – Award Winning Children’s Literary Website

KLBC reviews children’s books for kids of all ages and of all genres. Read on to learn more about our book review policy and how we can make your book shine and stand out from the rest.

Along with your hard work, imagination and resources that went into writing and publishing your book, sales start with a professional marketable review.

KLBC writes professional captivating reviews for children’s books. We use strong power words to create excitement and interest. Our book reviewers are all authors themselves. They are excellent, creative and educated writers. Therefore, your book review will be well written, capturing and emphasizing the theme, originality, narration, plot, illustrations, setting, storytelling ability, characterization etc. We will bring out the best qualities of your book and your writing style.

Excellent book reviews are vital to an author’s success. They play a strong role in their overall marketing and book sales success. You may use our review for all of your marketing efforts and avenues, including your Amazon editorial reviews, your website, in your newsletters, on your book cover and for all of  your online marketing advertisements, strategies and platforms. 

We understand that you have poured your heart and soul into your writing. Therefore, we take extra time and care to write you a captivating, special review that you will be thrilled and proud to share with the children’s books community and world.

Kids Lit Book Café will also help promote your book, get it into parents, children and reader’s hands, enabling you to ultimately sell more books. We will post and promote you, your book and our exciting review across the internet.

With our built-in marketing technology our authors experience a high rate of overall success !

But, it all starts with a great review. You need quality professional book reviews to sell more books.

Join other new and established authors that trust Kids Lit Book Café to write an exceptional professional. powerful and eye-catching review.

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NOTE: KLBC must remain very selective when choosing and approving children’s books and authors for our book review and promotion services. We feature and advertise only those books and authors which we believe parents, teachers and children will absolutely love.

Therefore, if you really believe in your book we would love to hear from you.

          Do You Need Help with Your Book Promotion/Marketing Efforts?

Along with your review, we will also help you to promote your book through means of powerful social media marketing and engagement and across the internet worldwide.

Kids Lit Book Cafe will post, and promote your book and our review on our numerous children’s books related websites . and on all of the social media networks, (with 9 separate Twitter profiles, 8 Facebook profiles, 5 Pinterest,  5 Instagram, 3 Goodreads, etc) where we have numerous dedicated followers who are parents, children of all ages, teachers, librarians and many prominent children’s book industry professionals.

          Explore our Book Review with Full Promotion/Marketing Campaigns

With our built-in marketing technology our authors experience a high rate of overall success !

Kids Lit Book Cafe will also post, feature and promote your book and our review to several online magazines, children’s book clubs, book blogs and book related sites that we are respected contributing writers for.

To Find Out Exactly what KLBC does to market your book with a “targeted” effective marketing campaign that will get you successful results in increased book sales, author visibility and help to improve your overall author platform, please visit our “Book Promotion” page here

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We have many requests for reviews and marketing, so contact us immediately for more information and to get answers to any questions you may have.

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Book Review Policy