Diary of an Average Fairy by M M Hillman

Alt=Diary of an Average Fairy by M M Hillman

Teacher’s Comments: Vervain has made satisfactory progress and has achieved an average level in most subjects.

What do you think, Diary? Yes, I know it’s not a BAD report but words like SATISFACTORY and AVERAGE just don’t feel like me. I’ve looked up ‘average’ in the dictionary. It says: a middle place between two extremes, usual, normal.

I don’t want to be NORMAL, I want to be spectacular! I feel special inside. Does everyone feel special? Maybe it’s just normal to feel special and I’m not actually special at all.

Diary, do you think I can be average and special at the same time?

Vervain isn’t the smartest, the most stylish or the best at flying and magic – she’s just an average fairy. But when the magical kingdom is threatened by evil, she finds herself central to its safety. Through her anything-but-average adventures, Vervain learns that true friendship is precious and that ordinary folk can do the most extraordinary things.

Vervain shares these exciting adventures with her diary and confides her thoughts and feelings. She struggles with difficult emotions – fear, anger, envy, sadness, grief, yet infects us with her determination, her delight of simple pleasures, and her exhilaration at overcoming obstacles.

The author M.M. Hillman is a practicing therapist. Using a language of emotion that children understand, she invites us into a world of mythical creatures who are just like you and me. Amusing and sometimes very moving – a tale that neither children nor adults will forget.


Vervain is an average fairy who is barely tall enough to make it into Fairy School, but she does. She reluctantly begins Fairy School with a squeamish stomach and all. So she takes out her piece of rainbow, her secret weapon to cheer herself up. It fills the room with color – yellow, reds, greens and blues that dazzle so much. It calms her down. She writes in her diary daily. In it she shares her innermost feelings. She loves the simple pleasures that life holds for her.  In her diary, she talks about her exciting adventures and experiences. But she is just an average fairy, although she does feel spectacular and very special.

But soon the magical kingdom is in peril, and Vervain finds herself in the middle and able to help. She engages in adventures that are anything but normal.  She learns that friends are important and that, although she is average, she can do anything she puts her mind to. She is brave and helps to free the kingdom of the tyranny of Magowr.

Diary of an Average Fairy is anything but average. It is a fabulous tale about an average normal fairy that does great things to help the fairy kingdom. It has a message to middle grade and teen kids that it’s alright to be just average. And that being average doesn’t limit them from doing great things. Vervain expresses her many feelings of fear, anger and sadness in her diary. Her diary tells of her many experiences, good and bad, at school and during her free time.

I know that children will really relate to Diary of an Average Fairy. It touches, extensively, on all the issues and problems that middle grade and teens go through. It is exciting and entertaining with creatures, fairies and foes. The way that author M M Hillman describes things like the magical kingdom, the fairies, the creatures and the surroundings, is lush and rich. A true delight for the imagination and the senses. It is a splendid, beautiful place that any child will marvel in, and want to visit in this book.

Diary of an Average Fairy by M M Hillman is engaging, even for me as an adult. I loved it and I can see how any child, young or older, will love it. They will totally relate to it. The characters will remind them of themselves and their friends and even those that give them a hard time. They will relate to the various scenarios too. It will speak to their self-consciousness and to their insecurities. It will encourage them to be brave and show them that their feelings are normal.

The characters are great. They are genuine, well developed and have fun personalities with strengths and weaknesses. Children will see themselves in and relate to the various characters.

It is written extremely well. It is smart and easy to read. It is written in the form of a diary – Vervain’s diary. It completely works and is composed with skill and creativity. I love it when I read a book that is written so well in every aspect. It’s important that kids read books that are written and edited well. This one hits a home run in that area.

Diary of an Average Fairy is unique and beautiful fantasy tale. Its premise is original and authentic.

It has a positive message that kids will glean from. It truly is splendid with gorgeous descriptions and with a very entertaining delightful storyline. I recommend that parents get a copy of this book for their kids. They will really love, and enjoy, it. They will learn from it. Parents can rest assured that it will be very appropriate and fitting for their child.

Overall, Diary of an Average Fairy is a glorious, charming and delightful story that captivates the reader and causes them to see vivid scenery and fairies, to feel various emotions and to enjoy a story well told.

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Diary of an Average Fairy by M M Hillman

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