Mother’s Day with Snowman Paul by Yossi Lapid

Alt="mother's day"Mother’s Day with Snowman Paul by Yossi Lapid

Books for Kids: Mother’s Day with Snowman Paul (Rhyming Picture Book about Mother’s Day and Earth Day), Beginner Readers, Bedtime stories. (Snowman Paul Book Series, vol. 9)


The best mother on earth!

From the author of the award-winning Snowman Paul series, comes this life-affirming volume which celebrates mothers, Mother Nature and the nurturing instinct we all share. The heartwarming, rhyming text is perfectly matched with gorgeous watercolor illustrations which show the timeless love between a mother and her child. The book honors Mother’s Day while it teaches that everyone on earth is part of one big family..

Dan and Snowman Paul are getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day in grand style! But who is Snowman Paul’s mother and how can they both celebrate Mother’s Day together? Join Snowman Paul and Dan in this charming new adventure where they explore the meaning of Mother’s Day and Earth Day and in the process they learn new things about how families and nature work.

 Mother’s Day is around the corner.


Snowman Paul declares to Dan that he has the coolest mother of all. “She holds you when you need a hug/She heals you when you catch a bug/She’s nourished you with love since birth/She is the best mother on earth”. Dan agrees but then he asks Paul: “What about your mother, Paul? Who is your mother?” Snowman Paul’s answer is both wonderful and instructive. Then Paul recounts the day when Dan made him into a snowman, after the big snow storm. Paul adds that he is part of the family of Mother Nature and that we are all a part of the family of Mother Nature. And that there are many mothers of many kinds, and all are important.

Yossi Lapid has hit it out of the park with Mother’s Day with Snowman Paul, a special tribute to mothers everywhere. Dan thinks about how special his own mother is and how she nurtures him by doing several motherly things. This really hit home with me as a mother and grandmother. It will help young children to reflect on how special and important their own mother is-just in time for their own Mother’s Day celebration. It shows children that they should appreciate, love and respect their own mother for who she is and what she does for them.

But awarding winning author, Yossi Lapid, doesn’t stop there. He magically adds in the importance of how we are all connected, like brothers and sisters, by Mother Nature. And how Mother Nature is the mother of all things on our beautiful planet.

The whimsical rhyming, large fonts and simple short sentences makes this book perfect for young children and early readers. It is written in a way that will hold the child’s attention and give them another important and valuable lesson in life. All of Yossi Lapid’s delightful books for children have valuable heartfelt easy to understand themes and lessons to them. His books are charming and enchanting and this one, Mother’s Day with Snowman Paul, is especially compelling and special.

We can’t read a story by Yossi Lapid without recognizing the beautiful fanciful watercolor illustrations by Joanna Pasek which gives the entire book a very special theme with a delightful visionary appeal, that children will and do love.

If you haven’t discovered Yossi Lapid’s children’s books, then now is your chance to get one and read it to your child and find out how enchanting and special they are. Once again I read this book to my own grandchildren and as usual they loved it and had me read it over and over. We are gaining quite a collection of all of Yossi Lapid’s Snowman Paul series books. The children never tire of them. They are unique, heartfelt and essential for children to learn important lessons in life, written in a simple easy to understand style.

I highly recommend Mother’s Day with Snowman Paul to all young children and early readers everywhere.

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