Roo, The Little Red Tuk Tuk by Nadishka Aloysius

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Roo, The Little Red Tuk Tuk: Picture Book about a Spunky Vehicle for Children age 2 – 6 by Nadishka Aloysius


If you and your family love CULTURAL DIVERSITY and TRAVEL then this is the book for you

Roo is a little Tuk Tuk. Join Roo as he recalls the many ups and downs of his life on the roads of Colombo (the commercial capital of Sri Lanka). From road races, to Polo tournaments, to animal rescues, this little vehicle has lived life to its fullest. Experience the joys and perils of Tuk Tuks on the streets, and learn many life lessons along the way with this courageous Tuk Tuk who is always ready to lend a helping hand and spread some cheer. You are never too little to make a difference…

Also known as tri-shaws or three wheelers, Tuk Tuks are a common sight in the eastern world. All foreign visitors are encouraged to ride a Tuk Tuk at least once when they visit Sri Lanka: but the recommendation also goes with a warning to HOLD ON TIGHT! 

All the incidents in this book are adapted from news stories and Facebook posts of real life Tuk Tuk drivers who are unafraid to be more than just a means of transportation. So, (I’d say ‘buckle your seatbelt’ but there are no seatbelts in Tuk Tuks…!), enjoy some of the sights and sounds of beautiful Colombo and its wonderful people as you read this book that also teaches you – you are never too little to make a difference!

*** Includes a JIGSAW PUZZLE for you to print and play*** 


Roo, The Little Red Tuk Tuk by Nadishka Aloysius is a delightful story about an adorable little Tuk Tuk vehicle who reminisces about his life filled with adventure, excitement, fun and service through his love for helping others.

This is such a unique and charming picture book for young children. Before I read this wonderful book, I had the notion that “Tuk Tuk” was a cute word the author, Nadishka Aloysius cleverly came up with for the book in order to make it extra special and appealing to kids. I was amazed to discover that it is an actual vehicle used in Colombo, Sri Lanka to transport people. What a nice and surprising experience for children to enjoy a story filled with fun and adventure while learning something new. Roo is a little Tuk Tuk who has had an exciting and meaningful life full of interesting and fun experiences. Giving people rides and hauling books to help for charity are just some of the many important things Roo has had the pleasure of doing in his little Tuk Tuk life. Roo is red, sweet, kind and loves to help others. Now he is older and ready to rest and retire. What will become of Roo the little red Tuk Tuk who has spent a lifetime of service, whizzing around while helping and caring about others? Children will be delighted at the happy ending of this endearing, lovable and original picture book. Nadishka Aloysius has done a remarkable job of creating a wonderful imaginative story. She has written it so very young children will understand the meaningful narrative, and be thrilled with the storyline. The pictures, created by Illustrator, Privanka Fonseka are lively, vivid and captivating. I read Roo, The Little Red Tuk Tuk to my young granddaughters, ages 2, 3 and 5. They were excited and thrilled by all of the action, adventure, bright colors – and the sweet and engaging story of little Roo. They delighted in the colorful pictures, and loved all the many different sounds that Roo made while he buzzed around the city. Now, they want it read to them often, and this book has helped to further teach them the meaning and importance of caring about, and helping others.

Roo, The Little Red Tuk Tuk is a must read book and story for all young children, and I am certain they will love totally love it! It is so special, adventuresome and delightful! Artisan Book Reviews recommends Roo, The Little Red Tuk Tuk: Picture Book about a Spunky Vehicle for Children age 2 – 6 by Nadishka Aloysius to all parents, grandparents and caregivers for those special little ones in your life. And don’t forget, it comes with a cute jig saw puzzle for kids to have fun and play with, as well.

Purchase Roo, The Little Red Tuk Tuk: Picture Book about a Spunky Vehicle for Children age 2 – 6 by Nadishka Aloysius today!