So You Want A Puppy? by Raven Howell

by Raven Howell
Published by Handersen Publishing Genres: Adventure, Animals, Children's Fiction, Picture Book, Responsibility
Format: Hardcover, Paperback
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So You Want A Puppy? by Raven Howell, Illustrated by Ann Pilicer


Getting a new puppy can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. Especially when your dad brings home an ornery pup like Murray! Learn the basics of pet care in this informative new picture book from award-winning author, Raven Howell.


So You Want A Puppy? by Raven Howell is an adorable, fun story filled with adventure and tips for owning your first puppy.

A bright, colorful and enjoyable story about a boy who’s dad brings home a rescued puppy in need of love and care. At first the boy is apprehensive about the newest family addition, but soon learns that having a pet of his own means going on lots of fun adventures and always having a friend to play with! Shenanigans are definitely had throughout the book from leaving muddy footprints on the kitchen floor to chasing squirrels up a tree in the park. This heartfelt story shows the wonderful bond between a child and his first dog, and the great responsibility of taking care of a puppy, as well.

This is a great book to read to your child if you are thinking of getting them a first pet! I found the tips on how to care for a pet at the end of the story to be a wonderful learning resource for teaching children the responsibility of taking care of a living thing. My family has been contemplating getting a dog and it was very handy to read So You Want A Puppy? to my children and served as a great tool for them to learn what goes into owning and being responsible for another living being. The illustrations are vivid and pleasing especially to young children with quirky drawn characters that are bright and happy! I like the fact the story went along in a sing song rhyme that my youngest seemed to really appreciate and enjoy the most.

This simple, yet fun and effective way to learn how to care for and enjoy a cute new puppy brings fun filled adventure with shenanigans around every corner for the duo – the boy and his new puppy! Kids Lit Book Cafe highly recommends So You Want A Puppy? by Raven Howell to all children and all ages. It is a great read that will have everyone laughing away at the mischief that seems to follow the puppy everywhere he goes! Put this one on your child’s reading list today, you will be thoroughly pleased!
Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Cafe

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