Scooter and Friends Take A Vacation by Nancy Strom

Scooter and Friends Take A Vacation by Nancy Strom
Published by Ocean Reeve Publishing on November 14, 2019
Genres: Adventure, Animals, Children's Fiction, Friendships, Growing Up, Life Lessons
Pages: 36
Format: Hardcover, Kindle


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Scooter and Friends Take A Vacation by Nancy Strom – Illustrated by Carolyn Van Hosen


A red fox pup, a hedgehog, a beaver, and a raccoon go on their first vacation, and while on their trek they encounter a bit more adventure than they originally anticipated.
Scooter and Friends Take a Vacation is a fun romp for children and adults of all ages, and includes some valuable life lessons. It celebrates diversity through the inclusion of a variety of animals, both male and female. It teaches children to work together, and rewards teamwork, shows the value of listening, taking advice, and to not be afraid to try something new.
Featuring Scooter and her friends Murphy, Betsy and Bandit.


Scooter and Friends Take A Vacation by Nancy Strom is a super cute and quirky story about four lovable and whimsical animal friends that are ready to go on a fun adventure and take on whatever comes their way!  Scooter, a mischievous, furry red fox and her friend Murphy, a cool hedgehog, decide that a great and enjoyable vacation trip is in order for them and their friends. Bandit, a young raccoon and the always singing Betsy, a gnawing beaver, are the other friends to join them on their trek for adventure. After a friendly meeting with some lovely homemade treats, the animals decide to take a trip past the river to see what they can find. The next day they pack their backpacks with all their needs and excitedly head out together. They run into a toad that gives them advice on which way is the safest to go. Along their way they encounter many new and different things along with some rude and crude poker playing weasels that really give them a scare! But the friends make it through to live and tell the tale of their impromptu trip and how they can’t wait to do it again!

Scooter and Friends Take A Vacation is a lovely and charming book that really captivated me from the very beginning. I loved the sing song poetry feel of how, children’s author, Nancy Strom narrates the story, along with its simple, yet rich vocabulary and detailed descriptions of the characters and their unexpected undertakings. The illustrations are just simply beautiful and colorful pulling children further into the delightful plot line and painting an appealing picture for all to imagine.

I could definitely see and picture Scooter and Friends Take A Vacation by Nancy Strom becoming a likable classic with its appealing and charismatic characters and its winsome pictures. A story that may be enjoyed by an audience of all ages! A must have book for any child’s book collection or reading list!

Kids Lit Book Cafe highly recommends Scooter and Friends Take A Vacation by Nancy Strom, a wonder filled, adventurous story with amazing and memorable life lessons for every child to learn and enjoy!
Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Cafe

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Overall: five-stars