Let’s Make a Cake! by Heidi Schrack – Book Review

by Heidi Schrack
Akt="let's make a cake"When reviewing children’s books, Kids Lit Book Cafe looks for delightful, entertaining and fun stories. We love to review children’s books that have quality illustrations which will help to enhance the child’s imagination, curiosity and ability to relate to the story being told –
Let’s Make a Cake! has them all
Let’s Make a Cake! by Heidi Schrack

Meet the Buggie-Muggies! Sally is crafty and cautious, Gary is creative and silly, and Johnny is fearless and adventurous. These funny friends are always up to something exciting. Find out what happens when Sally wants to make a cake, but Gary has other plans.

Book review:

Let’s Make a Cake! by Heidi Schrack is a cute and imaginative story about three quirky and unique characters with big personalities called the Buggie-Muggies. Each one possesses their own individual and silly traits! But one thing they all share is their love for excitement and adventure, never knowing what they might do next! Sally, Gary and Johnny are all friends wanting to do something fun. Sally suggests baking a cake, but what Gary really wants to do is attempt to build a go-kart! But how will they ever manage to do such a challenging task? With the help and knowledge of their friend Johnny of course!

This book was such a funny, laugh out loud read that every age will enjoy! I am a mother of a toddler, a preschooler and a kindergartner and we were all amused and delighted by this humorous and playful story – especially at the end when they bake the cake! My children have had me read this book to them over and over again. They absolutely love Let’s Make a Cake!!!!

We loved the creative pictures that went along perfectly with the book and also appreciated the imaginative way the author handmade the adorable colorful characters and also photographed them herself! This added such a lovely special and personal touch to such a cute and charming story! Kids Lit Book Cafe definitely recommends Let’s Make a Cake! by Heidi Schrack to all children for a good laugh and an entertaining, delightful and charismatic tale. Book reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Café.

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Alt="let's make a cake! promo kids lit book cafe reviews"Let’s Make a Cake! by Heidi Schrack
Published by 
Incognito Publishing on 2019
ActionAdventureChildren Ages 3 – 9Children’s FictionFriendshipsLife LessonsLife SkillsPicture Book
Pages: 52
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