Step Into Your Power Lessons For Life by Laura Lynn Doyle – Book Review

by Laura Lynn Doyle
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Step Into Your Power: Lessons For Life by Laura Lynn Doyle

YOU TOO, CAN STEP INTO YOUR POWER! Step into Your Power, Lessons for Life, is an extension to My Child, As You Grow Older, bringing further expansion with resource tools and tips for self-empowerment and growth along the journey of life. This book presents a gentle and fresh approach to overcoming some of the day to day challenges that are faced along the path. Step into Your Power: Lessons for Life, suggests tools to help propel you forward with confidence and self-love.

Book review:

Step Into Your Power: Lessons For Life by Laura Lynn Doyle is a remarkably powerful guide to navigating the challenges and opportunities that life brings to each and every one of us. The author brilliantly illuminates and instructs on how to incorporate easy practical tips and techniques to change one’s mindset and vision to living the best that life has to offer. Step Into Your Power is a lovely and beautifully written book with tools to help encourage, support and motivate people of all ages who are seeking to live and lead life at their full potential while being empowered with confidence and self-awareness along the way. 

Author, Laura Lynn Doyle gives helpful and gentle suggestions for beginning steps towards a successful and fruitful future. Incorporating small but powerful methods such as: positive affirmations, setting phone reminders, and gratitude journaling are some of the valuable and effective suggestions given to help change and develop a more positive outlook on life’s amazing journey.  Exercise and meditation are also important to help strengthen and benefit your mood and also your body’s overall well-being.  Also, I delighted in the splendid and creative illustrations which fused seamlessly with the positive energy and good vibes this book brings to the table. I thoroughly enjoyed the poetry aspect as well, and felt the book had a beautiful sing-song flow giving off a powerful yet soft voice of empowerment. 

Step Into Your Power Lessons For Life by Laura Lynn Doyle is an amazing and wonderful book that anyone, young and old, could highly benefit from in many substantial and versatile ways. Kids Lit Book Café highly recommends this remarkable book to anyone that is looking to become inspired and motivated towards setting and accomplishing goals towards new progressive changes and what it takes for an overall better life! This book radiates positivity and is a valuable, informative and effective book filled with tips, knowledge and inspiration for everyone of all ages! Book review by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Café. Book reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Café.

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Step Into Your Power Lessons For Life by Laura Lynn Doyle
Published by Desire For Higher on November 29, 2019
Genres: Confidence & Self EsteemEmotionsInspirational NonfictionSelf-AwarenessSelf-HelpYoung Adult
Pages: 54
Format: KindlePaperback
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