The Off-Beat Cinder Ella by Anne Murray – Book Review

by Anne Murray
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The Off-Beat Cinder Ella: who wants her shoe back…without the Prince (upside-down fairy tales) by Anne Murray 

I’m not sure what your Cinderella looks like, but THIS Cinder Ella wears camo pants, flannel shirts and dragon’s tooth earrings. She climbs trees straight to the top, rides horses without a saddle and shoots arrows with abandon–and not much skill. Toiling all day to do her stepmother’s bidding, she doesn’t have much of a life except for the occasional shenanigans that she can devise. No one notices Cinder Ella. She shuffles around, trying to blend into the background. Would her life ever get better? Or would she always be smudged with cinders and eating the leftovers? Wasn’t there any magic for her?

Book review:

A modern version of the fairy-tale Cinderella, The Off-Beat Cinder Ella by Anne Murray, features a strong-willed, adventurous main character set on living on her own terms. This is a fun, entertaining tale, especially because of its quirky main character and creative illustrations.

Cheyenne, nicknamed Cinder Ella by her haughty step-sisters and kids at her school, redefines the classical image of Cinderella. With her father busy, she spends most of her time by herself. Bold and daring, Cinder Ella takes up archery, climbs trees and rides horses without a saddle. Things get worse, however, when her father remarries and his new wife brings along her spiteful and lazy daughters. Cinder Ella’s life becomes a nightmare and, for a while, everything seems hopeless until a chance meeting with her fairy godmother changes everything.

Eccentric, resolute and intelligent, Cinder Ella is a delightful main character who knows what she wants and is not afraid to try out new activities. She inspires through her fearlessness and confidence. Her comical story considerably veers off from the familiar fairy-tale style, which makes the book unique. The modern twists included in the story, through its scenes and dialogue, make it entertaining. The illustrations are colorful and imaginative. They help tell the story as they are generously peppered throughout the book and, more importantly, they bring the scenes and the characters to life as they capture the characters’ emotions and reactions as well as the details of every scene. The story’s end is surprising and carries an important lesson. It inspires young girls to remain true to who they are and not to bend to fit other people’s expectations.

Told through a lively, conversational tone, The Off-Beat Cinder Ella by Anne Murray is a charming children’s book whose storyline is unique. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Kids Lit Book Café.

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The Off-Beat Cinder Ella: who wants her shoe back…without the Prince (upside-down fairy tales) by Anne Murray
Series: Upside-Down Fairy Tales
on December 4, 2019
Genres: Ages 6 – 12Children’s FictionConfidence & Self EsteemFairy TalesFiction For GirlsInspirational Fiction
Pages: 36
Format: KindlePaperback
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