Book Review for My Child, As You Grow Older by Laura Lynn Doyle

by Laura Lynn Doyle
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Alt="book review for my child"Book Review for My Child, As You Grow Older by Laura Doyle

Book Review for My Child, As You Grow Older: Lessons For Life by Laura Lynn Doyle with Artwork by Toby Mikle

My Child, As You Grow Older: Lessons For Life

* Fun and Gentle * Timeless Values * Lessons for Life *

A foundational blueprint that teaches children how to learn and grow from challenges and emerge from them with a positive outlook and renewed strength.

Filled with colorful illustrations, inspiring messages, and encouragement, My Child, As You Grow Older offers a fresh perspective on some of the day-to-day challenges that we all face as we grow.
A celebration of resilience, self-confidence, and self-esteem, this unique book presents a valuable perspective to both children and adults of all ages.

Book review for My Child as Your Grow Older.

My Child, As You Grow Older: Lessons for Life by Laura Doyle is a jovial and encouraging children’s book about how to persevere and overcome the many obstacles and challenges that a child may face as they grow older and how to learn and thrive from them. This bright and bold story gives sound advice on gaining a new self-perspective by expressing the importance of making conscious and wise choices and always pushing forward towards a set goal. It also talks about what type of life path one may take and how it is important to choose one that feels right, emphasizing on the fact that these choices are one’s own alone – and no one else’s!

I appreciated how positive and feel-good this bright and colorful book is! With cute and vivid illustrations, My Child, As You Grow Older is an eye catching and inviting guide to give kids a new and improved outlook on how to have self-confidence and believe in oneself! As well as shining light on how being truthful is the only way to be, while that telling lies gets you into trouble. This book definitely promotes a simple yet powerful message to pursue one’s life goals to have a happy and enjoyable life!

My Child, As You Grow Older is such a wonderful book that all ages will benefit, and take an incredible, helpful and great amount of knowledge from. I loved how it radiates of strength and empowerment for all readers to absorb. Once again, Laura Lynn Doyle dazzles with her inspiring and positive words of affirmation that resonates through all her work. I will be reading this over and over to my little ones to ensure they are instilled with confidence and persistence in whatever positive choices they make, and aspire to do in their lives. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and give it my highest recommendation for all those who seek meaningful moments in their lives which will lead to lasting happiness and success. Kids Lit Book Café is proud to recommend, My Child, As You Grow Older: Lessons for Life – another one of Laura Lynn Doyle’s powerful inspiring books.

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Alt="book review for my child kids lit book cafe reviews & promotion""My Child, As You Grow Older: Lessons for Life by Laura Lynn Doyle
Published by Luminare Press on January 4, 2018
Genres: Children’s Values BooksInspirational FictionKids Self Esteem BooksLife LessonsSelf-Worth
Pages: 32
Format: HardcoverPaperback
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