Peter Pants who lives each day down to its dregs by Anne Murray

by Anne Murray
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Peter Pants who lives each day down to its dregs (upside-down fairy tales) by Anne Murray.

Peter couldn’t believe that Gwendolyn was tucking her little brothers into bed just as the fun was ready to start. “What’s this about bedtime? In my house, there is no bedtime. We play as long as we like and eat ice cream at midnight. Wouldn’t you like to come with me and have some fun?” Peter couldn’t imagine that anyone would turn down an offer like that. Would you? Gwendolyn, ever the sensible one, pointed out that morning would come very early if they didn’t get their proper sleep. And that their mother and father would worry if they discovered that they weren’t in their beds. And that, if they didn’t sleep as much as they needed, they wouldn’t grow bigger and stronger and…older. “Older?” hollered Peter as though it were one of those words that you didn’t say in polite company. “Older? Why would anyone want to get older? I’ve stayed the same age for ever so long. I don’t WANT to get older. Ever.” He stamped his foot with his newly repaired felt boots for emphasis.

Book review:

Gwendolyn is prim and proper.  Peter is full of fun and doesn’t want grown up responsibilities.  Can the two overcome their differences and find a way to get along?  Delightful illustrations and a fanciful tale make Peter Pants who lives each day down to its dregs  Anne Murray a perfect book for children of all ages

Peter Pants is a wonderful book overflowing with magical pictures that bring the story to life.  The yesteryear feel to the images pulled at my childhood memories and I knew instantly that, if I saw this book in the shops, I would buy it.  This is an entertaining story chockablock with quirky characters with unique traits.  I loved that Captain Calico Jack is old and full of arthritis and and is Peter’s friend.  The two of them love to dress up and the show they put on was such fun.  Grumpy CrankyBells the fairy sprinkles Gwendolyn, Ethan and Mark with fairy dust so they so they can fly to Snapdragon Island.  What an adventure! Alas, behind every exploration of fun, there is a call to go home, for there is no place like the one where your loved ones are.   Will Gwendolyn be able to persuade Peter and the Wayward Boys to go home with her?

The underlying heart of this charming story is that the greatest adventure in life is to experience things as you grow old.  Anne Murray has crafted a splendid retelling of the original Peter Pan story that will certainly captivate and amuse all children and readers of every age.  Peter Pants who lives each day down to its dregs (upside-down fairy tales) by Anne Murracomes highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café. – Book reviewed by TN Traynor for Kids Lit Book Café.

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Alt="peter pants by anne murray kids lit book cafe review & promotion"Peter Pants who lives each day down to its dregs by Anne Murray
Series: Upside-Down Fairy Tales
on Dec 16, 2019
Genres: AdventureChildren’s FictionFairy TalesLife Lessons
Pages: 55
Format: KindlePaperback
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