Book Review for The Winds of Happiness by Teresa Fiedler-Buss

by Teresa Fiedler-Buss
Alt="book review for the winds of happiness"Book Review for The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures by Teresa Fiedler-Buss

Book review for The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures by Teresa Fiedler-Buss

The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures

Welcome to this crazy world called life!

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure? Do you like taking selfies?

How attached are you to your electronics or tablet? Do you like robots and drones more?

Would you rather dance and have fun with bubbles? Or would you rather go out for pizza and a movie?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, then you will LOVE this book!

The Winds of Happiness will engage children in a fun and current way to learn important life lessons.

Your child/student’s values start developing with what is taught and learned in social and personal situations.

If you are a parent, guardian or teacher wanting to assist in making a difference in today’s society, this book is for you.

This book includes children discussions, interactive pages and teacher lesson plans which will help with Common Core State Standard (CCSS) & Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Book review for The Winds of Happiness:

With adorable characters and positive vibes, The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures by Teresa Fiedler-Buss is a must for all children. In this wonderful story, we follow the adventures of Irie, a dog, and her friends. This well-told tale certainly made “tails” wag in my household! Everyone from granny to toddler enjoyed reading along with it.

Irie does some pretty amazing things. She helps her friend Max get over his anxiety, has an awesome birthday party and importantly, she realizes she doesn’t need technology to have a good time.

Irie demonstrates to children some very important virtues. She uses patience, kindness and empathy to assist others. In fact, these virtues, along with joy, are what informs Irie’s choices. Something we should all take stock of and practice more.

The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures not only tells a great story, but there is so much more on offer. I really enjoyed the lessons incorporated into the story. They are cleverly designed to show a young reader how to cope with negative experiences and those inevitable changes in life, good and bad, we adults have grown to accept. There are also lessons in the importance of manners, being responsible, and all of these can easily be adapted at home or in the classroom.

The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures by Teresa Fiedler-Buss is the kind of book you and your family will want to keep. It has so much to offer – not only a great story that your children will love to read over and over, but the lessons add value to this delightful book. Grab a copy and share it today. No one in your home will be disappointed. Book review written by Susan Day for Kids Lit Book Café – Books for children of all ages and all genres.

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Alt="the winds of happiness kids lit book cafe"The Winds of Happiness: Irie’s Adventures by Teresa Fiedler-Buss
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Winds of Happiness on April 20, 2018
AdventureAges 7 – 12Animal FictionFriendships,Life LessonsManners & Responsibility
Pages: 50
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