Hank, The Therapy Dachshund by Mika Ryan

by Mika Ryan

Alt="hank"Hank, The Therapy Dachshund by Mika Ryan

The touching and true story of Hank, a silver dappled dachshund, who discovers he may have a talent to comfort people as a therapy dog. Does he have the “right stuff”? Grab Hank’s leash and look over his shoulder with author, owner and handler, Mika Ryan, as Hank narrates his heartwarming journey from young pup to old dog. Hank introduces you to his family members along with his real-life dachshund friends. Young readers will discover a variety of dachshund sizes, colors and personalities. Hank spotlights their differences and how he becomes friends with them all. Read about Hank’s challenges as he shares the tests he must pass and the commands he must learn to become a therapy dog. Does Hank have the courage to complete the task? Many children will be able to read this story on their own or with help from an adult. It is also appropriate as a bedtime story for infants and younger children who will enjoy the color, the story and the dog illustrations. This book is the perfect gift for Dachshund fans. However, anyone who loves dogs will find this a sweet and informative book about a little dog with a big personality who lived an extraordinary life.


Hank The Therapy Dachshund by Mika Ryan is a delightful children’s book about a charming Dachshund who steals the hearts of many and comes to be a very special, helpful and adored therapy dog.

When we first meet Hank, a Silver-Dappled Dachshund, he is meeting his new adoptive parents and being taken to his new home where he soon meets some wonderful and lovable friends! Each friend is special in his or her own way and Hank delights in his newly made friendships that later grow into life-long, extraordinary bonds. Hank grows more and more excited as his Dachshund family grows larger and larger! Every dog in their family is outlined to be distinctively important, with their own quirky characteristics and are absolutely cherished by Hank and his parents. Then one day, at a vet check-up Hank is urged and persuaded into becoming a therapy dog. He soon gets his courage up and enrolls in training school to do just that. Hank does an excellent job in school and successfully passes his test to become a therapy dog for those in need!

Hank, The Therapy Dachshund is a cheerful and heartfelt children’s book about how Dachshund dogs are used to help others that are in need of cheering up, love, help and companionship and how one special dog makes a big impact on many people throughout his life. He even helps children learn to read with calm confidence by being an amazing listener! Inspiring and encouraging, this fun and pleasant tale shines light on the importance and need for this gentle and humble animal.

I read Hank, The Therapy Dachshund by Mika Ryan to my young children and they enjoyed every minute of it – as I did myself! The illustrations are bright and colorful, catching the eye of eager readers of all ages. A sweet, informative, must-have read for every dog lover’s bookshelf! We will be reading this one-of-a-kind book again and again! Kids Lit Book Café highly recommends Hank, The Therapy Dachshund by Mika Ryan to all young children, early readers and for the whole family, or classroom to enjoy!

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