Baxter Meets His Monster by Jennifer Hart

by Jennifer Hart
Series: Adventures with Baxter The Dog Book Series
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Alt="baxter meets his monster"Baxter The Dog Books: Baxter Meets His Monster Written and Illustrated by Jennifer Hart

“Silliness is key…sure to have readers giggling.”

Would you make friends with a “Little Monster?” Baxter The Dog is no stranger to creatures of fantasy. In his first picture book adventure, “Baxter Goes to Imagination Land,” he met a cast of colorful characters in a world filled with the magic of imagination. However, on this dark, stormy night, he is surprised and unsure when something strange and wild shows up at his door. Will Baxter judge this something by their size, their color, and by the shape of their paws, or will he learn that monsters aren’t always monsters after all?

Baxter The Dog Books is a series starring a hero, Baxter The Dog, who encourages readers to get creative, be kind, and seek adventure. “Baxter Meets His Monster” has 40-pages of colorful hand-drawn illustrations by Jennifer Hart. The full-page art and rhyming verse set the scene as Baxter takes his readers through a funny, heartfelt bedtime story about friendship.

Explore more of Baxter The Dog’s adventures in book one of the series, “Baxter Goes to Imagination Land.”

If you can’t get enough, color and create with Baxter The Dog in “Baxter Returns to Imagination Land, Coloring and Activity Book, ” or “Baxter’s Sweets and Treats,” easy to make, fun to eat snacks and party foods inspired by Baxter’s adventures in Imagination Land.

Kids Lit Book Cafe Review:

Baxter Meets His Monster by Jennifer Hart is a charming, delightful story with unique lovable characters and splendid, vibrant illustrations. Children will love Baxter, relate to his over active imagination and enjoy the tale about the close bond he makes with his new surprising friend.

A fun and lovable story about a cute and curious pup who is staring dreamily out his window one day when he sees something big and furry come crashing out of the sky and into his yard! He has no idea what it is and is very scared at first and he starts to think it may be a horrible monster with big claws and teeth that makes big footprints in the ground with its huge feet! Of course, Baxter’s magnificent imagination gets the best of him and he starts to really wonder and question what this massive creature could be!? That’s when the silliness starts and Baxter’s abstract yet extraordinary guesses make this book a laugh out loud classic!

The rhythmic and sing-song written dynamic fit the book wonderfully keeping a hold of even its youngest reader’s attention. Also, the colors and unique use of imagery in this book’s illustrations are extraordinary to say the least. When Baxter finally meets Mellie, a big and bright purple monster, I watched my kids face beam in delight over the vividly animated character! Hart’s brilliant, colorful and expressive drawings are a real treat for the eyes that we all enjoyed immensely. The kindred friendship that emerges between the odd pair is nothing short of heartwarming and amazingly imaginative with its poetic-like words and creative storyline. Children will read in wonderment as Baxter listens to Mellie’s beautiful stories about all the exciting things she has seen! Baxter is happy to have met his monster and also make an unexpected great new friend.

Baxter Meets His Monster by Jennifer Hart is a quirky book that all children and readers will enjoy! A fantastic tale of finding friendship in the strangest of places, while inspiring minds with enchanting illustrations make this children’s book an absolute must read for everyone! My family and I will definitely be adding this charming one to our Baxter The Dog book collection! Once again Hart strikes gold with this splendid story! Two thumbs up!! Kids Lit Book Café is proud to recommend Baxter Meets His Monster written and illustrated by Jennifer Hart. Book read & reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for KLBC.

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