Baxter Goes to Imagination Land by Jennifer Hart

by Jennifer Hart
Series: Adventures with Baxter The Dog Book Series
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Alt="baxter goes to imagination landBaxter Goes to Imagination Land – Written and Illustrated by Jennifer Hart

Mostly made-up adventures inspired by a mostly real dog named Baxter. Follow your imagination past the sneaker trees and cupcake bees to a place only you can see.

40 full-color illustrations done with ink and watercolor guide early readers as they explore Baxter’s land of imagination filled with colorful characters, fun surprises and an adventure that will inspire their own creativity.


Baxter Goes to Imagination Land written and illustrated by Jennifer Hart is a magical, fun book with amazing illustrations and an enchanting, inspirational tale that children will absolutely love!

Baxter is a fun and lovable dog who one day finds himself in an extraordinary new and oddly fascinating world! As he begins to explore his surroundings, he becomes more and more curious by this remarkable world that is full of unique creatures big and small! Unlike anything he has ever seen before, Baxter is in awe of a sideways sunrise and puzzled by a man with spaghetti hair. When he starts to question how he got there and where to go next, he hears a small voice telling him not to be scared and that he already knows the way. A wise little seed tells him he is in Imagination Land and he has the control to make it whatever he wants it to be! It is at that moment that Baxter realizes how easy it is to come and go as he pleases by only closing his eyes and using his big imagination!

Baxter Goes to Imagination Land is a peculiar, yet wonderful book that is full of brilliant originality and thought provoking imagery. What really stood out to me was the quirky illustrations! Big and bright beautiful pictures covered every page which made them so eye-catching! I read this to my 4 and 5 year olds and they absolutely loved seeing the unique, humorous characters and wonderful scenery throughout the whole story. And Baxter is such a cute dog, we all fell in love with him immediately!

We also bought the coloring and activity book that goes along with the Baxter The Dog books. My girls loved it so much that I bought two more so they could each have one to create their own colorful scenes, and of course, color and paint Baxter himself.

This is an outstanding and enjoyable book for any and all ages. Kids Lit Book Café highly recommends Baxter Goes to Imagination Land by Jennifer Hart to all children looking for a magical and magnificent read that will never fail to capture their hearts every time they open it.

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 Don’t forget to gift your child with the Baxter Returns to Imagination Land: Coloring & Activity Book. Just like my children, yours will love and enjoy it very much!!
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