A Gift to Remember by Merideth Tullous – Book Review

by Merideth Tullous
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A Gift to Remember by Merideth Tullous – Illustrated by Ylber Cërvadiku

What does Santa want you to REMEMBER?

It’s Christmas time and the elves are busily working as the big day is fast approaching. As Santa finishes reading your special letter, Mrs. Claus asks him what he would give to each child if he could give just ONE gift. Santa decides to make something magical for all the children of the world.
Love Santa? Love Jesus? Dive into these beautifully illustrated pages to discover how each Christmas we can all REMEMBER what’s truly important in life.

A Gift to Remember features Santa, elves, ornaments, a seek-and-find, and magic dust! This picture book will offer children a fun, relatable, rhyming story where Santa reminds us about kindness, love and the gift of baby Jesus.

This story was inspired by a 7-year old boy and his unselfish letter to Santa.
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A Gift to Remember by Merideth Tullous is a magical, charming and heartwarming story that beautifully reminds children of the true meaning of Christmas while delighting them with bright enchanting illustrations. This wonderful holiday book is an altogether captivating, fun and entertaining book that children will truly love!

Christmas time has arrived and this charming and delightful story illuminates a vivid and festive scene that feels like such fun with joyful holiday cheer at every page turn! With candy canes and scents of hot cocoa filling the air to elves working hard on new toys for all the good girls and boys. Santa is getting his reindeer ready for their long journey across the globe, and let’s not forget about an extra special letter written to Santa by a very unselfish little boy! His letter inspires Mrs. Klaus to ask Santa a very important question this year, a question she has never asked him before; if Santa could give all the children in the world just one gift, and only one, what would it be? What an important question to ask it is!

Her question brings warmth and happiness to Santa’s heart. Santa thinks up a wonderful plan to give all the children the best gift of all, something extra special to go along with the normal gifts he usually gives. A special magical sparkly dust, in the most beautiful red and gold colors. A remembering dust to sprinkle on all of the children’s gifts to remind them of their heavenly Father God who sent His Son Jesus to be born on Christmas day. Jesus is God’s most special gift for them all. What a beautiful and wonderful reminder of God’s love for everyone on Christmas day!

Magical and well-written, A Gift to Remember is a perfect Christmas story for everyone young and old! My kids and I really enjoyed its bright and vibrant illustrations that gave us all a wonderful, cheery feeling! Each page was dazzling and brought life to the holiday season! I would definitely recommend this charming and lovable story to anyone wanting to fill their hearts with the joy and magic of the Christmas season and also always be reminded that Jesus is the most precious gift of all that God has given us.

Our family will be keeping this book on our holiday reading list as a tradition for years and years to come! A Gift to Remember by Merideth Tullous is a wonderful children’s holiday book and comes highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café to all families and children!! Book reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Cafe.

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by Merideth Tullous
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