Cubbie Blue and his Dog Dot by Randa Handler

by Randa Handler
Series: Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot Series
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Alt="Cubbie Blue and his Dog Dot"Cubbie Blue and his Dog Dot – Book One by Randa Handler

Three multi-racial 7 year old boys befriend a tiny creature and his tinier dog dot and learn that it’s cool to be different while setting out on adventures near and far in a magical bubble. First Installment in book series that sets up characters.

Children are absolutely in love with “Cubbie Blue and his Dog Dot by Randa Handler!”


Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot Book 1 is the first book in this series of delightful children’s stories.
My 8-year-old daughter loved this story. I liked the positive message of the importance of trying to get along with everyone and making the world a better place. Handler is not only a gifted writer, but this book features her own charming colorful illustrations. Fun, easy to read engaging story. Highly recommend!! ~ Amazon reviewer.

The writing is imaginative and richly descriptive, approaching the poetic. The illustrations are splashed with vivid colors along with attention to detail and to the characters whose portrayal is extremely compelling. This book is certain to stimulate the imagination of a young child to whom the book is read; it will also be a delight for an older child who can read on their own and travel along with Cubbie, Dot and their new friends!! ~ Amazon reviewer.

This is a very magical tale, poetically and very well written, with vivid descriptions of the characters, their feelings, and the landscapes. It is imaginative and captivating right from the start. Any child that enjoys fantasy or reading about mystical beings from other worlds will love this book. ~ Amazon reviewer.

Cubbie Blue and His Dog Dot is a very exciting book as it tells the story of friends and the little fellow that comes into their lives. The book teaches kids a valuable lesson in life and how to treat others. I downloaded the book for one of my friends that teaches Sunday school. She’s always looking for stories to read to the children and this is the perfect book as it has exactly the tools that she needs to teach the children. ~ Amazon Reviewer

The book is captivating and has the ability to attract the young little reader with the illustrations, and the characters who are really admirably portrayed. The book is introduces different cultures and worlds, while the characters are so cute, colorful and sweet. ~ Amazon reviewer.

I got this book for my 6 and 8 year old daughters. The pictures were absolutely amazing and it took us two nights to read it the first time because we spent so long looking at the pictures! ~ Amazon reviewer.

Wonderful story with charming, endearing characters and gorgeous illustrations! My younger nieces and nephews loved the story and my tween daughter did too! Amazon reviewer.

This is a lovely story, colorfully illustrated, which should appeal to children worldwide. ~ Amazon reviewer.

Wonderful, captivating, and full of attention to detail. ~ Amazon reviewer.

A wonderful story of friendship and discovery. ~ Amazon reviewer.

Together a strong friendship develops between the human boys and the special beings, as they all discover a lot about taking care of each other, the world around them, and the importance of friendship. ~ Amazon reviewer.

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