Bible Story Pictures & Models by Geoffrey Waugh

Bible Story Pictures & Models by Geoffrey Waugh
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Alt="bible story pictures & models"Bible Story Pictures & Models by Geoffrey Waugh

This large edition children’s Bible Story Pictures & Models Book gives you a year of pictures and models for personal use or for a children’s group to colour and use. It began as individual pages copied and used in Sunday School classes for expression activities with children. Now even adults enjoy making creative, colourful books and models. It is useful for family activities with children and for Children’s church and Religious Education in schools. A smaller 6×9″ version is also available.

Bible Story Pictures & Models stands out above the rest, looks and sounds original, fun and very inspirational. Your stories are great for teaching children basic bible stories. Your illustrations and models are all terrific for them to color and create. It is all very well done and inviting for your targeted young readers.  ~ Ellery Alouette ~ Kids Lit Book Café.

Book review:

Bible Story Pictures & Models by Geoffrey Waugh is a wonderful and inspirational children’s coloring, painting and models activity and workbook packed full of a variety of basic Bible stories to learn from and study throughout the year. It is an amazing and fun children’s activity book to be used in any Sunday school or homeschool classroom to ensure a strong Biblical foundation is laid for your children and students. This hands-on, easy-to-use guide is laid out perfectly to use as a creative tool for simple to understand Bible lessons with fun and enjoyable illustrations, pictures and models to colour and create. It can also be used as a supplemental workbook to go along with other Biblical resources.

This versatile creative book can be used in many different imaginative ways and also has a supportive introduction with some helpful tips and suggestions on ways the book can be utilized at home or Sunday school for a child to learn about God and His word. It also includes some fun tidbits about the author and his own Sunday school experience and his recommendations on how to get the full benefits when using this book. Coloring, painting or making copies straight from the book are all great ways this book can be applied. 

Bible Story Picture & Models by Geoffrey Waugh is a fun and creative book that I would highly recommend to any teacher or parent looking to give their children and students a full enriching journey through the gentle guidance of this outstanding Bible story coloring activity book & models. Our homeschooling family absolutely loves this wonderful book and has already started using it. Our children are especially enjoying it with excitement while they learn more about the Bible through the stories, along with coloring, painting and creating with the fun packed inspirational activities. Bible Story Pictures & Models by Geoffrey Waugh comes highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café. Book reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Café.

Buy Bible Story Pictures & Models by Geoffrey Waugh for the special children in your life today and give them the gift of inspiration and creativity while learning about God & His Word through simple valuable Biblical stories and activities!!
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