Mansa’s Little Reminders by A.D. Williams & Kendal Fordham – Book & Review

Mansa's Little Reminders: Scratching the Surface of Financial Literacy by A.D. Williams, Kendal Fordham
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Alt="mansa's little reminders"Mansa’s Little Reminders: Scratching the Surface of Financial Literacy by A.D. Williams and Kendal Fordham

Mansa’s Little Reminders

Mansa’s little Reminders is a book long overdue that highlights the life of an inner-city kid with big dreams but no direction, a strong and loving family with few resources. Mansa’s little Reminders introduces the fundamental strategies that can help bridge the financial literacy gap between the “haves” and the “have nots” in a way that is fun, relatable, and needed. Mansa’s little Reminders is the first of many fun-filled adventures of a young and curious boy named Mark and his wise furry companion, Mansa. Our journey begins on an unusually bright morning, with the sunshine piercing through Mark’s window, blinding him into reality. As he prepared himself for the hot summer day, he noticed a squirrel perched outside of his window. Mark did not know that Mansa had been watching him for a long time. You see, Mansa knew that Mark had the potential to change the path of his life, and he was going to do everything he could to give him the tools and encouragement needed to do so. Will Mansa be successful at helping to change the trajectory of Mark’s life?

Book review:

Mansa’s Little Reminders by A.D. Williams and Kendal Fordham is a unique children’s story that will inspire the budding entrepreneurs of the next generation. A terrific book to read together, this colorful and charming narrative will teach young children about finances and money, along with how to keep going in the face of failure while emphasizing the importance of following what you love to do.

Right from the beginning, the main character, Mark, is clearly in the dark, under his bedclothes and also struggles with his identity, especially at school.  He would love to improve life for himself and his hard-working mum but doesn’t know what to do.  That’s when the very clever, talking squirrel Mansa arrives in his life!  This world-smart bushy-tailed rodent has lots of wisdom to impart to Mark.  Soon, Mark’s intellect and understanding of the world – including the financial system, begins to sink in.  There is a hiccup or two along the way, but Mansa is there to help pick him up.

This unique children’s story is not only full of wonderful illustrations that bring the story to life, but also full of business terminology which will no doubt inspire young minds to stretch and grow.   With a little advice Mark begins to turn his life around.  He is shown the possibilities of the future and so begins a change of attitude.  Add to this wonderful lesson the emphasis of a loving and caring family and you will see that this is a book that is not only entertaining to read but which holds nuggets of truth that can benefit everyone.  Overall, this unique educational narrative inspires as it reveals Mark emerging with new-found confidence, purpose and agency. 

A truly inspiring, educational and life-affirming chapter book for middle grade readers, it teaches significant life lessons whilst also grounding the characters with the importance of family, friendship and following your dreams. Mansa’s Little Reminders: Scratching the Surface of Financial Literacy by A.D. Williams and Kendal Fordham comes highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café.

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