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Eden: A Novel by Karin Diann Williams
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Darcy is a nerd – brainy, insecure, and all too familiar with high school horror. Eden is a monster girl, hand made by a mad scientist out of prom-night accident victims and struggling to make sense of a world that doesn’t match the one on Nickelodeon. Darcy has a flakey set of popular friends and hot new bleached blonde hair. Eden has super strength, lightning speed, and an uncanny ability to communicate with animals. Who could have guessed they’d find so much in common – including the same guy?

Kids Lit Book Cafe’s Review of Eden: A Novel by Karin Diann Williams 

Karin Diann Williams’s captivating young adult, girl-power superhero and urban fantasy novel, Eden, involves an intriguing love triangle in which a monster and a love-struck teenager compete for the same person.

On the surface, Darcy seems like any other teenager. When she meets Chase, a charming young man with sapphire eyes, Darcy changes from being the smart, boring one in her girl group to the one who gets drunk at parties and bleaches her hair, all in an attempt to catch Chase’s attention. Chase, however, is also involved with another girl, Eden, a mysterious super intelligent monster created in a lab from ghastly prom-night accident victims’ body parts. The story is very engaging as author, Karin Diann Williams tells Eden’s story alongside Darcy’s, alternating between the ordinary and the supernatural. Eden’s voice is presented in italics which makes it easy to identify each girl’s voice. Both main characters are well-developed. While Eden is fascinating for her lack of knowledge of how the real world works and her unconcern towards teenage drama, Darcy is insecure but also funny. Awkward, and very humorous moments arise as Eden tries to figure out human language and behavior through a new friend. Supporting characters are also exciting as their personalities are explored. Darcy’s friends also play significant roles in the novel both as protagonists and antagonists. The novel turns riveting when Eden embarks on a mission to avenge the suicide of another teenager. It also contains incredible shocking twists towards the end as characters’ real motives are seen. As her life takes heart-breaking turns, Darcy grows as a character.

Karin Diann Williams has remarkable story-telling ability and an original voice. Her characters are extraordinary and different in ways that readers will enjoy and relate to. Eden is an original story with an amazing plot. Involving broken friendships, a teenage infatuation that turns tragic, and a heroine who arrives just in time, Eden: A Novel by Karin Diann Williams is a unique, enthralling, must read young adult, superhero and urban fantasy novel and comes highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Kids Lit Book Café Reviews.

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