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Jada’s World of Feelings by Lisa Isidore
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Alt="jada’s world of feelings"Jada’s World of Feelings by Lisa Isidore

Jada’s World of feelings is a book inspired by a seven-year-old girl living in New York with her parents. She tries in her little world to describe the various feelings she experiences on a daily basis. She understands that everyone has feelings and we should not always act on our feelings as some of them can be bad. The book gives a snapshot of the feelings Jada experiences in a given week. Some of the feelings she loves, while others like ‘anger’ she tries to eradicate. Jada encourages children her age to examine the feelings they experience and to know how to process them. This book can be beneficial to teachers, parents, and guardians as an instructive story guide.

Kids Lit Book Café Review:

Jada’s World of Feelings by Lisa Isidore is a terrific book for young children to start learning right from wrong, and how their feelings affect their decisions which have consequences.  With splendid illustrations and an important message, this is an adorable story that sits firmly on the shelf alongside other children’s books on values and emotions.

Jada is beginning to understand that different things and events evoke different emotions in her. Her feelings begin to become more defined as her loving parents point out what they are, what causes them, and most importantly – how to deal with them.  I loved how expressive Jada’s face was in each of the pictures, it was clear to see what emotion she was feeling.  I felt this instantly could be a good topic opener with an adult asking the child what they think Jada is feeling before they read the next page together.  The awareness of feelings (being mindful) and teaching children how to both interpret and understand them is crucial to a child’s development, and therefore I found this book great for encouraging children to express themselves.  This week in the life of Jada, is an adorable, heart-felt expression to encourage emotional growth in young children.      

Lisa Isidore has crafted a children’s book packed with values. The charming and expressive illustrations compliment the crisp narrative, resulting in an entertaining, educational and authentic learning tool.  With an endearing message that will capture children’s imaginations, this colorful book, Jada’s World of Feelings by Lisa Isidore comes highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café Reviews. Book reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Cafe.

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