Poppy’s Purpose to Prevent Pollution by Melissa Kay Moore

Poppy's Purpose to Prevent Pollution by Melissa Kay Moore
Series: Footprint Series Book #1
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Alt="Poppys Purpose"Poppy’s Purpose to Prevent Pollution by Melissa Kay Moore – “Footprint” Series – Book 1

Discover the importance to prevent plastic pollution in this heartwarming tale of friendship between a porpoise, a sea turtle, and a blue crab.

From adventurous and moving to educational and hopeful, Poppy’s Purpose to Prevent Pollution tells the story of three friends working together to solve a problem that will leave them questioning the future of ocean life. With beautiful, eye-catching illustrations, it’s the perfect book about ocean conservation you will love reading over and over again to kids.

In this touching story inspired by a research video filmed by marine biologist Dr. Christine Figgener of a sea turtle in distress, you will see why EVERYONE needs to PREVENT POLLUTION!

Book Extras!

  • Foreword by Christine Figgener, PhD, Marine Conservation Biologist and Director of Science and Education for Footprint Foundation
  • Glossary of ocean pollution vocabulary and awareness days
  • Learn how YOU can support Footprint Foundation and be an OCEAN HERO

There is no better time to teach the importance of keeping our oceans clean that will influence readers for a lifetime.

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Kids Lit Book Café – Book Review

Poppy’s Purpose to Prevent Pollution by Melissa Kay Moore is wonderful, fun and important story about three sea creature friends that are enjoying their wonderful life under the deep blue sea. Poppy is a porpoise that loves her sea life playing with her best friends, Terry the sea turtle and Clay the crab! They think life is just grand swimming in the big blue salty ocean looking for fish to eat and playing tag in the reef. Being an ocean animal is just so great, what could be better?! Until one day, Poppy and her friends are playing along together when Poppy decides she is hungry and swims on in search of something tasty to satisfy her porpoise hunger.  Her friends, Terry and Clay follow her to see what she can find.  But what she ends up finding is not a delicious meal – but yucky, stinky garbage! And it’s everywhere!

The sea creatures need to get out of there fast to cleaner water but before they can a plastic straw gets stuck in Terry the sea turtle’s nose! Poppy dives down quickly to rescue her friends and get them to safer water! Poppy’s Purpose to Prevent Pollution is the perfect children’s story to spread awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution and educate each other on what we can do to prevent this pollution that ends up in our waters, and how we can protect our sea creature friends that live in it. The book also includes excellent story discussion questions at the end along with a resourceful glossary of facts and information to keep the reader fully informed with ocean pollution vocabulary and awareness days. 

The illustrations are bold and dazzling to the eye, drawing your attention to every detail. I loved the generous use of color to really bring the ocean and its inhabitants to life! My kids enjoyed it as well and we had many discussions on how we can re-use certain everyday items instead of single- use plastic products, like metal straws and canvas grocery bags! I recommend this amazing book to all ages. Everyone should be aware of the dangers of this type of pollution and learn to be more intentional with our product choices and this book does just that! Two thumbs up for this informative but also adorably heartfelt book! Kids Lit Book Café highly recommends Poppy’s Purpose to Prevent Pollution by Melissa Kay Moore!!

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