Cherry Bakewell: Stories from my Kitchen by Jane Bevan – Book Review

Cherry Bakewell: Stories from my Kitchen by Jane Bevan
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Alt="cherry bakewell"Cherry Bakewell: Stories from my Kitchen by Jane Bevan

Cherry Bakewell loves to cook with her family and now you can join in too! Follow her adventures, making each recipe as you go, but watch out for Rickster Raccoon, he’s a bit mischievous! This book is a delightful children’s story/cookery book. It is interactive, making it fun for kids of all ages and something that can be enjoyed with the family. Kids can read the story, which has a recipe within it, then at the end of the chapter, the recipe is printed for them to have a go themselves. Some of the ingredients are printed in red, which they need to make a note of, then they have to guess what the final secret recipe is at the end of the book, using the red ingredients. The beautiful illustrations were done by Lara Kerem and really bring the book to life.

Kids Lit Book Café Review: 

Cherry Bakewell: Stories from my Kitchen by Jane Bevan is a delightful mix of enchanting stories, marvelous illustrations and delicious recipes. It is a cute and charming book filled with sweet and enjoyable stories about a lovely little girl named Peaches and her wonderful mummy, Cherry Bakewell. The author has created a delightful loving book full of fun stories and marvelous memories of all of the wonderful times they spent together cooking the tastiest and most delicious recipes and foods. The collection of recipes are simply scrumptious, and will be perfectly enjoyable for children who are learning to cook.

The main character is Cherry Bakewell (don’t you love that name?) who along with her daughter, Peaches and their adorable Border collie, Nippy, create amazing recipes to share with their friends and family. Each story offers the young reader the opportunity to laugh and relish in their lives.

As well, children are going to love the antics of a very naughty character called Rickster Raccoon. He delights in getting into all sorts of mischief which includes stealing food from inside their home! Young readers will also enjoy learning about bees, mushroom harvesting and other natural activities lost to so many city kids.

Importantly, the recipes are easy to follow and the stories well written. The author has incorporated the recipes into each story so children can not only find them interesting but learn to understand how food can bond families and develop friendships. They will also look so delicious they are sure to tempt fussy eaters!

There is a fun type of puzzle where an ingredient from each recipe is highlighted in red. The point is each one becomes part of the final recipe hidden at the end of the book. What a great way to combine children’s love of puzzles, surprises and yummy food!

The book is delicious in its content and delivery. It is sure to become a favorite with children, their parents and their grandparents. The illustrations are lovely – full of fun and warmth, showcasing the amusing personalities of all the characters.

Jane Bevan has given readers a glimpse of her childhood and shown us how important delicious and nutritious food is for a happy and healthy life. This book is a celebration of her love for families, food and creative writing. Kids Lit Book Café highly recommends Cherry Bakewell: Stories from my Kitchen by Jane Bevan to all children, families and young aspiring bakers and chefs. Book reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Café.

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