What Kind of Scientist Can a Girl Be? by Ruth E. Propper Ph.D

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Alt="What Kind of Scientist Can a Girl Be"What Kind of Scientist Can a Girl Be? by Ruth E. Propper Ph.D

Great for home schooling, schools. and for fun!

Girls can’t be physicists!
Can they?
As a squabbling sister and brother play pretend, they bicker about what girls can’t- and can– do.
Botanist, geneticist, mathematician, paleontologist…
Will they ever agree? What kind of scientist can a girl be?

This timely book teaches that yes, a girl can be any kind of scientist. A glossary provides information about various types of scientists and examples of what they study, references for additional reading, and the names and accomplishments of women in science. This book is a ‘must-have’!

Kids Lit Book Café Review

What Kind of Scientist Can a Girl Be? by Ruth E. Propper Ph.D 

What Kind of Scientist Can a Girl Be? by Ruth E. Propper Ph.D is a fun, charming and educational book and story that captures both the joy of learning and the power of unlimited possibilities, within a fun, delightful and encouraging story.

Girls don’t have to be just dreamers, they can actually be world changers. They can aspire to be anything they desire when they grow up! This encouraging book for kids to find their own possibilities can be used to start conversations about how they can make a difference in the world. This story starts with a girl telling us she wants to be an entomologist (and what that means). Through easy-to-understand explanations, we find out about many of the different types of scientists one can choose to become. The information about science and its career possibilities talked about in this book can be a real surprise and amazing to young readers, as well as being lots of fun! Through an enjoyable and simple writing style meant for children of various ages, this wonderful book carries a big important message. At the end of the story, there is a list of women scientists who have changed the world. Very educational, inspiring and motivational. This is a great book for expanding our children’s understanding, and showing them the available opportunities and the possibilities they can achieve in their own lives.

Tanja Varcelija’s artwork is animated and happy with adorable characters with smiling eyes, gorgeous plants with delightful bugs, and various other creative scenes that are as charming as it gets. The illustrations perfectly portray the story with their lively pictures created with rich colors and intricate details. The color palettes she used are so artistically unique and amazing that children will also enjoy and learn something about art in this wonderful book, as well.

Ruth E. Propper Ph.D. has written a children’s picture storybook that’s sure to capture everyone’s attention. Informative and educational, as well as inspirational, amusing and with illustrations that can be observed and enjoyed over and over, this book and story has a unique message written in a way that’s sure to capture every child’s imagination. What Kind of Scientist Can a Girl Be? by Ruth E. Propper Ph.D. comes very highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café.  Book reviewed by Emma Christy for Kids Lit Book Café.

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