Compass Points the Way by Alexis Kline

Compass Points the Way by Alexis Kline
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Alt="Compass Points the Way"Compass Points the Way by Alexis Kline

Compass Points the Way is a book about finding a way to navigate life with POTS. Join Allie on her long journey as she faces new physical struggles, the fear of the unknown, and feelings of loss and hopelessness – and then overcomes with the help of her new canine companion, Compass.

When Dysautonomia sets in, Allie fears her soccer career is over forever. She finds herself not only in a health crisis, but an identity crisis as well. Without soccer, who is she? And if her body won’t cooperate, who can she become? When she meets Compass, an energetic, caring pup at a pet adoption event, she learns to chart a new course.

This book is a hopeful, uplifting story about coping with life-changing medical issues and the people and animals that support patients of chronic, invisible disease.

This is a heartwarming and heartbreaking look at the life of a family after 12-year-old Allie faints on the soccer field. She denies that things must change. Mourns her healthy body. Finally, Allie accepts that POTS has ended her life as a soccer player. Instead of giving up, she readjusted her compass to find her new path and passion in life. As a parent of a POTS patient, this book is a must-read for the entire family.
-Cathy Pederson, PhD, Founder of Standing Up to POTS

 Book Review:

A hopeful, meaningful and wonderful children’s story led by a courageous main character, Compass Points the Way by Alexis Kline follows a twelve-year-old’s journey as she navigates a crushing diagnosis and cultivates new dreams.

After working hard to earn a spot on the Tesston Tigers soccer team, Allie gets the chance to play with the team as they face their rivals, the Littlefield Giants. Allie’s life is turned upside down when she faints just when she is about to score the goal that could lead her team to victory. The event marks the beginning of numerous hospital visits for Allie and her parents as doctors try to diagnose her recurrent symptoms. Allie’s dream of playing soccer ends when she is diagnosed with POTS, an incurable and life-changing condition. She has to choose between giving up and redirecting her focus toward new dreams.

The story is a splendid portrait of the friendship between Allie and her canine companion who she encounters by chance following the devastating incident at the soccer field. Their special friendship is beautifully portrayed throughout the book and Allie learns impactful lessons from her everyday interactions with Compass including the value of determination. She also finds comfort in his love and care. Young readers will find inspiration from Allie’s journey as she chooses not to give up but instead follows a new and fulfilling path. Despite getting the diagnosis that destroys her hopes of playing soccer, Allie realizes she has other talents to offer. Families with loved ones suffering from the condition will find hope in her story and will relate to her family’s experiences. The story skillfully portrays the supportive and caring role family members should play in helping loved ones come to terms and move forward from a devastating diagnosis.

Compass Points the Way is an empowering children’s story with invaluable lessons for children of all ages. It is an informative and inspiring read about coping with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Compass Points the Way by Alexis Kline comes highly recommened by Kids Lit Book Cafe.

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