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We Are Here by Scott Weiss
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Alt="we are here"We Are Here by Scott Weiss

This fantasy tale crafts a fun, yet meaningful spin on the everyday experiences between children and “man’s best friend.”

Have you ever looked at your dog and asked, “Are you really just a dog, or is there something you’re not telling me?” We Are Here gives us an extraordinary possible answer to that question!

This celestial take on children’s science fiction will entertain the whole family.

There are many hidden clues that hint at the surprise ending.
See if you can spot them all!

Kids Lit Book Café Review

We Are Here by Scott Weiss is a cute, quirky and heartfelt fantasy story that is also intriguing, otherworldly and very entertaining. It is about how children find companionship and create close bonds with their dogs and all the different ways those special friendships are formed. We Are Here brings relationships with “man’s best friend” to light, portraying them through all kinds of different life experiences, good and bad.  Through all their gestures, behaviors and ways they comfort us, love us, and bring us companionship, this memorable tale asks the question; do our dear canine pets know and understand us more than what we think they do?

By means of a clever twist of the celestial kind, Scott Weiss adds a special layer of enchantment to his tale. Children will wonder what the true role our doggy friends have in our lives, and why they are here for us in so many special and meaningful ways.

We love our dogs and their unwavering acts of selflessness and their ability to discern when we are sad. They care about us and help to make us feel better when we are down. Many times, they have no barriers when striving to please their human companions. When curiosity and imagination take over, we ask ourselves if these wonderful furry creatures are here, there and everywhere for an even bigger purpose. We Are Here is an adorable and sweet story that shows the kind-hearted spirit and lovable nature dogs have for their owners. A true gem of a read for animal lovers and pet owners of all ages!

The bright and colorful illustrations are fun and unique, captivating the eyes and dazzling the soul! My own children loved the dog character in this story and all the pictures of him with the kids doing everyday activities, and being a constant companion – so relatable and endearing! We read it over and over again! And the visual clues on most every page for children to discover, along with a surprise twist at the end, makes the story especially exciting and one-of-a-kind! A must-have for everyone’s reading list this year! Our family absolutely loved it and I am sure that yours will too! We Are Here by Scott Weiss comes highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café. Book reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Cafe.

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We Are Here by Scott Weiss and Illustrated by Katie Williams

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