The Chaos Portal by Paul Vanhoutteghem 

The Chaos Portal by Paul Vanhoutteghem
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Alt="he Chaos Portal by Paul Vanhoutteghem"The Chaos Portal by Paul Vanhoutteghem

The Chaos Portal is a source of strange, dark power that sits deep within a cave on the edge of a remote town. It is guarded by an elite group of stalwart protectors who have been tasked with preventing the portal’s power from spilling over into the outside world. Cordelia, a young woman from the town, whose parents mysteriously disappeared into the portal while providing supplies to the guardians one day, befriends the youngest of the guardians, a man named Dormholt. Over time, he becomes a mentor to her, training her in combat and teaching her the ways of the world. However, one day she goes to visit Dormholt, only to find him and other guardians missing and the portal growing in size and power. Not only that, but the people in her town also seem to have completely forgotten that the portal ever existed. With time running out, she sets off on a journey to find Dormholt and the other guardians before the malevolent powers within the portal engulf her town and the rest of the world . . . forever.

Kids Lit Book Café Review:

An urgent quest involving human-animal hybrids, gnomes, orbs, and, powerful magic portals, The Chaos Portal by Paul Vanhoutteghem will take middle grader, teen and young adult readers on an exciting, adventurous and magical fantasy journey they will never forget.

Dormholt and the other guardians are supposed to be guarding the dangerous portal near 17-year-old Cordelia‘s village. One day, Cordelia’s parents bizarrely disappear into the portal.  She then befriends Dormholt, a guardian of the portal who starts to train Cordelia in combat and teaches her the many things she needs to know to survive. But when Dormholt goes missing and everyone in Cordelia‘s village loses their memory except for her, she gathers her gear and sets off on her first real adventure. Her first step is to visit the great wizard Tamarin, but he doesn’t have all the answers, and it is up to Cordelia and her new friend and gnome, Pema, to finish Dormholt’s mission.

Paul Vanhoutteghem is a very gifted and imaginative writer, and The Chaos Portal is the first novel in his exciting must read fantasy series. It is a superb quest adventure novel, and it would make a killer video game. His worldbuilding skills are magnificent with numerous fantastic details for this extraordinary landscape and world he has created. His characters are very well-developed with likable, and lively personalities —they almost feel as if they’ll jump right off the pages! One of the best things about this novel is the unique extraordinary plot. It is full of action, adventure, and many mysterious magical elements. It is very well thought out, smart and engaging with many details that all fit and come together perfectly to capture and keep the reader’s attention from start to finish. Paul Vanhoutteghem does not shy away from suspense-heightening elements such as injuries and demise. It’s the perfect book for any dark and epic fantasy-loving reader and fan.

Overall, Paul Vanhoutteghem’s The Chaos Portal is an outstanding novel that truly comes to life in readers’ minds. It is the ultimate adventure fantasy journey that middle graders, teens and young adults (and even adults) will not want to miss out on! Kids Lit Book Café highly recommends that you Buy The Chaos Portal by Paul Vanhoutteghem for that speaicl child in your life.
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