Oscar the Ferry Cat by Molly Arbuthnott – Book Review

Oscar the Ferry Cat by Molly Arbuthnott

Alt="oscar the ferry cat"Oscar the Ferry Cat by Molly Arbuthnott – Illustrated by Agnes Treherne

Oscar is an ordinary cat until, one day, his life is turned upside down.
When he finds himself alone on a ferry, he begins to search for a new friend.
How will he cope being on his own and will he ever find somewhere he can call home?

An inspirational story about friendship and coming to terms with loss.

Book review:

Oscar the Ferry Cat by Molly Arbuthnott is a wonderful inspiring story about loss, hope, belonging, friendship and love. With delightful characters and marvelous watercolor illustrations, this story is beautifully narrated and simply told for every child to understand while being delightfully moved by emotion and splendidly entertained.  

Oscar is a regular Siamese cat who does regular cat things, but one day something happens that changes Oscar’s life forever when Oscar is put in his basket and dragged out in a hot car to go holiday shopping. After a long ride in the car, they finally arrive. Unaware of where he is, Oscar is able to set himself free from the basket, only to realize he is far away from home. He soon realizes he is on a ferry boat and decides to do some exploring. But, Oscar quickly decides that he does not like the loud and fast cars and would desperately like to go home. 

Oscar meets an array of different clever animals and kind people all trying to cure Oscar’s home sickness with demonstrations of what they like to do on the ferry boat. But, Oscar just wants to go home, until… he meets Mercy, the most beautiful female cat he has ever seen. Finally, Oscar found a forever friend he can relate to. Mercy and Oscar are very happy together and enjoy being ferry cats.

Oscar the Ferry Cat is an absolutely lovely, charming book full of adorable characters and meaningful, engaging dialogue. I just loved the conversations between the sweet little animals and so did my children. This adventurous, heartwarming story really delighted and intrigued my young readers. They giggled and laughed at the things Oscar found himself to be a part of. They felt sad for Oscar when he didn’t fit in and desperately wanted to go home. They rejoiced when Oscar finally found a forever friend, a place to fit in and enjoy his new adventurous life.

Oscar the Ferry Cat by Molly Arbuthnott is, by far, the very best children’s picture book and story I have ever read and reviewed. The fanciful watercolor illustrations are so beautifully done, full of soft colors and caring detail. My children and I loved every minute of the story and are eager to read more of the gorgeous collection of Molly Arbuthnott’s stunning and splendid children’s books. This treasured story is one we will happily continue to read throughout the years. It is a must have for every family’s bookshelf.

Oscar the Ferry Cat by Molly Arbuthnott is sure to be a classic and comes highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café.

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