A Grand Slam Birthday by Chrysa Smith

A Grand Slam Birthday (A Dory Oslo Adventure) by Chrysa Smith
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Alt="A Grand Slam Birthday"A Grand Slam Birthday by Chrysa Smith

A Grand Slam Birthday (A Dory Oslo Adventure) by Chrysa Smith & (Illustrator – Pat Achilles)

When Dory Oslo arrives at her cousin’s birthday party, nobody looks like they’re having too much fun. In fact, the kids are lined up against the wall. But Dory, (of The Upside-Down Gardener) turns up the excitement once again as her cousin opens her gift and finds something that turns the party inside-out and into something quite unexpected. Both Dory and her cousin Izzy learn a thing or two about having fun, trying new things, and having confidence in yourself.

Kids Lit Book Cafe Review:

A Grand Slam Birthday by Chrysa Smith is a wonderful, super fun, and entertaining book for children to encourage them to try new things and experiences that will surprise them and bring them a lot of joy, much fun and satisfaction. Can a baseball-playing tomboy really have fun at a dance party? When Dory Oslo gets invited to her cousin Izzy’s girly party, she finds out that baseball players can do more than “slide” on the field!

At the insistence of her mom, Dory Oslo trades in her regular baseball gear for a dress to wear to her cousin Izzy’s birthday party. When she gets there and finds out that it is a dance party, she gets a clever idea to turn the gift she bought for Izzy into a game of baseball. Izzy and everyone have a lot of fun playing ball, but Izzy convinces Dory that dancing is fun, too!

Chrysa Smith’s story is a creative way to show children that trying new things can be fun. It is full of fun double-page illustrations and has a great balance of words and pictures. One of the book’s key messages is that even someone like Dory, who is passionate about baseball, can find joy in something different, like dancing. This theme can be inspiring for children who might feel hesitant about trying new things. It also highlights the importance of creativity and resourcefulness, as Dory’s quick thinking transforms a potentially awkward situation into a fun-filled game.

This is an enjoyable read that offers valuable lessons for children. It encourages children of various ages to step outside their comfort zones and embrace new experiences with openness and creativity. Don’t miss out—you’ll want to have your own Grand Slam Birthday after reading this fun book! A Grand Slam Birthday by Chrysa Smith comes highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café. Book reviewed by  Micah Giordonela for Kids Lit Book Café.

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Kids Lit Book Café Awards First Place to
A Grand Slam Birthday by
Chrysa Smith
for best Children’s Fiction & Humor Ages 5 – 10
KLBC Book Excellence Award Winner