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Sparrow by Brian Kindall
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Alt="sparrow by brian kindall"Sparrow by Brian Kindall

A boy. A wish. A secret desire gone horribly wrong.

Timothy Sperling misses his mom and dad terribly. Left behind with his morose uncle while they’re off on an expedition to avert an environmental crisis, the bird-boned boy would give anything to see them again. But when he spies a shooting star, instead of wishing to be reunited with his parents, he falters and asks for snow… only to conjure up a blizzard that won’t quit!

As a town that never sees winter is buried in mountains of white, Timothy teams up with a wise explorer to figure out how to stop the relentless frozen flakes. And with all the blame being shoveled on his family, the clever kid’s connection to sparrows may be his one chance to pull the city out of its deep freeze.

Can Timothy undo his fateful wish and bring back the sunshine?

Sparrow is a high-flying middle grade novel. If you or your child like relatable characters, timeless settings, and high-stakes adventure, then you’ll love Brian Kindall’s feathered flurries.

Kids Lit Book Café Review

Sparrow by Brian Kindall is a spell-binding fable with a fanciful, magical plot and a pure heart.  Timothy’s world is poignant, engaging and full of dreams and wishes.  His wish-gone-wrong results in a snow-bound world that will instantly hook the reader.  

All the personalities in this tale are brought to life with vivid, and rather brilliant, flourishes and quips of description.  Timothy Sperling, or Sparrow as his mother calls him, only has one friend.  His name is Dart – and he’s a bird.  Tim lives in a bleak tall building with his uncle, Mr. Morris Wellbeck.  Morris is not a good companion and hardly talks to the boy, except to give instructions.  He’s caught up in his own melancholy and can’t see past the end of his nose.  What secrets does he hide from his nephew? And why does he keep the painting facing the wall?  Tim longs for his mother to return.  It is quite surprising then, that when he sees a shooting star, instead of wishing to be reunited with her, he wishes it would snow.  Low and behold, when he rises the next day the world is turning white, and Candela is a place where it hardly ever snows!  The trouble is it doesn’t stop, and within weeks the town is submerged under a mountain of white.  What follows is a journey of discovery, where Tim will learn about his family’s past, but also learns – that wishes are like prayers, and all it takes is a little faith and effort to make them come true.  A stunningly atmospheric book that I’m going to love to read again and again!

Brian Kindall has a wonderful storyteller’s voice.  I was completely enchanted by this beautiful, poignant and often moving tale.  The book is extremely easy-to-read and has a silky-smooth flow to both its writing-style and pace.  Memorable characters fill a timeless theme with a sublime message that will stay with you for a long time.  Sparrow by Brian Kindall comes very highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café. Book reviewed by T N Traynor for Kids Lit Book Café.

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Alt="sparrow by brian kindall"
Alt="sparrow by brian kindall"


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